Ishpeming City Council expected to consider several new ordinances

ISHPEMING — Three new ordinances will be considered during a regular meeting of the Ishpeming City Council at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the City Hall conference room.

The council will consider an emergency reading of a bond ordinance that will allow the city to borrow $8.98 million for its upcoming $10.7 million water infrastructure project, which will replace a quarter to a third of the city’s aging water system.

Ishpeming City Manager Mark Slown said according to the city charter an ordinance may be approved in an emergency during a single reading.

Slown said the city’s bond counsel, Tom Colis, advised the emergency reading is not required under state law, regardless of the city charter. Slown said he chooses to abide by the local mandate.

“I have chosen to present it as an ’emergency’ reading to avoid any concern that a single reading, not done as an ’emergency’ would be a charter violation. The justification for the ’emergency’ is that the city stands to lose $3 million in grant funding if this ordinance is not approved,” Slown said in his recommendation to the council.

The council will also adopt an $8.98 million loan resolution for the project, which is slated to start after July 4.

The council will also consider two other new ordinances, one regulating outdoor tobacco use in public places and the other concerning the licensing and operation of mobile food vendors.

The council will hear the first reading of each proposed ordinance during the meeting, but neither ordinance will go into effect unless second readings are conducted and approved by the council in July.

The smoking ordinance would prohibit smoking or the use of other tobacco products in public places including outdoor areas within 20 feet of entrances, windows and ventilation systems of any city building; outdoors within 10 feet of bus stops; outdoors within 20 feet of any public event; and outdoors within 20 feet of any boat launch.

The proposed ordinance would ban smoking and the use of tobacco products at Al Quaal Recreation Area and other city parks.

Any violation of the proposed ordinance would be considered a civil infraction punishable by a fine of $50 for the first offense and $100 for the second offense, the draft states.

The proposed mobile food vendor ordinance would require a mobile food vendor obtain a license from the city clerk to park a vehicle on a public street to engage in the “service, sale or distribution of ready to eat food for individual portion service to the general public directly from the vehicle,” a draft of the ordinance states. “It shall be unlawful for any person, including any religious, charitable or nonprofit organization, to operate within the City a mobile food vehicle without having obtained a license from the City Clerk for that purpose.”

Under the proposed ordinance, the vendor must submit an application to the city including the year make and model of the vehicle and its dimensions.

The vendor must also give the city information on the proposed hours and areas of operation, as well as copies of all necessary license or permits issued by the Marquette County Health Department.

The vendor must also carry proof of general comprehensive commercial liability insurance coverage.

According to the draft, an annual license fee for each vendor vehicle will be established by a resolution of the city council.

The proposed ordinance states that vendor who operates a mobile food vehicle in violation of any provision of the proposed ordinance or any other city rules and regulations could be subject to a civil infraction and a fine of $500 per day.

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