Cedar River Bridge Walk set

CEDAR RIVER — This year’s Cedar River Bridge Walk will have major changes, including it will not be a fundraiser for the Cedarville Township Fire Department.

The BridgeWalk will reverse direction starting with opening ceremonies at the Cedarville Township Hall on Old Mill Lane across from the J.W. Wells State Harbor where the BridgeWalk festivities had taken place in the past few years.

After opening ceremonies and crowning of Cedar River Royality, bridge walkers will commence over the Cedar River Bridge on State Highway M-35, southbound, to Hirsch’s Cedar River Pub. At Hirsch’s, merrygoers will first encounter various vendors set-up in Hirsch’s parking lot. In the pub’s pavillion in the back, tap beer will be served which will include a specialty beer. Constructing a stage for live music is in the planning and grills will be fired up to give the festival feel.

The BridgeWalk will happen on Saturday starting at 11 a.m. CDT, and beginning at the Cedarville Township Hall on Old Mill Lane. Parking will be available on the grounds of the township hall.

Parking in the J.W. Wells State Harbor will require a Michigan State Parks sticker.