Experimental music on tap

MARQUETTE — Under the direction of Carrie Biolo, OM (Open Mind) New Music Ensemble presents a non-traditional experimental music concert at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in Reynolds Recital Hall.

The OM Ensemble’s adventurous programming challenges listeners and performers to a unique music experience. The repertoire explores music compositions based on text, graphic notation, game pieces, cards, marbles and improvisation.

The ensemble will premier five new compositions by NMU music students Kyle Mol (27), Wyatt Tillotson (Tomez(q) Poem) and the OM Ensemble (Orange Marbles, School Supplies, and Green Marbles). The concert also includes the most famous and controversial work of the 20th century, “4′ 33” by John Cage. “Bubbles” by Fred Lonberg-Holm requires the performers to navigate a score of bubbles connected by lines. Each bubble contain a shape (spirales, triangles, bowling pin) or text (glorps, clicks, sustained tones) that the musicians interpret. Playing cards are shuffled and dealt for Hum and Silent Card Game and Marquette’s Tamama Dance Company will join OM as the two groups explore Tickling Corners around the recital hall.

Admission is free and the only requirement is an Open Mind. For more information, contact Carrie Biolo at 906-227-1041.