Superiorland Voices

BRYCE DEMERS Marquette "The piano, because it looks so fun to watch jazz musicians just groove on it, and I want to be able to do that."
SARAH NUEMANN Marquette "It would be the violin, because I think that the sounds that come from the violin are some of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard."
DAVID CARROTT Marquette "The cello. That is a d*mn sexy instrument. It is so beautiful and it sounds like a human voice. I'm thinking about getting one."
MAX SPIESSL Michigamme "Violin. I just find that the violin is a very cool instrument. I think about that a lot, actually."
EM SHIRILLA Marquette "The saxophone. It was something I gave up in middle school. I like the sound of it, always thought it was a pretty cool instrument. I wish I'd kept at it."
SUE DIONNE Marquette "The ukulele. It's just a fun instrument. It's got a fun sound; it's happy."

If you could play any instrument you don’t already play, what would it be and why?