Do you plan to read ‘Fire and Fury’ by Michael Wolff? Why or why not?

ERICA HATTIS Marquette "Eventually, probably, just out of curiosity. It's not really something that's at the top of my list right now because reading is something I like to do to relax. Usually when I read stuff about our president I get stressed out. But I do think it's interesting--I will check it out."
HARRY SMITH Marquette "I don't have plans to read. I can get the information from other sources."
GRETTA DONCKERS Marquette "I have not heard that much about it, but I'm not particularly interested in reading about the man behind the Twitter account."
LINDSEY NAYLOR Marquette "I don't know that I would read it. We don't really know the facts behind it. I feel like it might just further infuriate me."
CARSON STOOLMILLER Denver, Col. "I've heard of it, I've read a couple of excerpts. I think I got all I need from that. i've heard a lot of it is exaggerated. It seems to distract from the real problems."
COREY TOSSAVA Marquette "I have no plans to. There's a lot of noise about it and I don't want to add to that noise. I'm a very database-oriented person and a lot of people are calling it fiction and a lot of people are calling it truth. I prefer to know one way or another. Also I'm already reading Outlander 2."