Superiorland voices

JAYNA LAVIOLETTE Marquette "Taking the master gardener training course through MSU at NMU. it was fun meeting people in the community who also enjoy gardening and seeing all the projects other people are working on to improve the community."
BE EMBLEY-STOLL Marquette "I started Rohana Yoga & Wellness and it's helping a lot of people already. We have massage and a wide variety of traditional and holistic classes for every body."
ABI RAETZ Traverse City "I saw this really cute dog once and it was adorable and it licked my face, that was a highlight of the year. It was up in Houghton, he was on the street and came up to me."
JILL SANTTI Marquette "The holidays, now, spending time with family and friends."
THERESA ASHER Marquette "That tiny, tiny bit of summer we had. My family travels from Wisconsin and Arizona in the summer to spend time here."
CHRISTIAN PURCHASE Traverse City "I just moved to Marquette two months ago, that's probably the best part of the year for me."
HALEY BUSSELL Traverse City "I got to go on a trip to Colorado and it wasn't expensive at all. It taught me a lot about myself. There's something about getting altitude sickness that teaches you about yourself."