Father in every other way

Annie Lane

Dear Annie: I recently discovered that the man I called Dad all my life was not my biological father, after he passed away last year.

“Jack” always treated me the same as his other children, with kindness and love. I will always think of him as my father and have no desire to know who my biological father is.

He loved my children, and they were extremely lucky to have him in their lives. I am not sure whether I should tell them the truth, because he was such a wonderful part of their lives.

Seeing as he kept the truth from me, I don’t think he wanted anyone to know. — Grateful for Him

Dear Grateful for Him: You’re probably right that he didn’t want anyone to know, but he sounds like such a supportive parent that I’m sure he would want you to make whatever decision is right for your family. So if you end up telling your children, don’t feel guilty.

At the end of the day, the fact remains that Jack was their real grandpa in every way that counts.

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