Pro make-up artist to demonstrate

MARQUETTE — Professional make-up artist Dan Choszczyk will be presenting a demonstration on theatrical make-up at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Marquette Arts and Culture Center.

With more than 30 years experience, he primarily uses his talents in live theatrical productions. His specialty is in make-up effects, so the demo will consist of creating zombies using gelatin, from simple to elaborate; large wounds using appliances and make-up, and painted characters like fairies, goblins, and werewolves. Not sure what you want to be for Halloween? Come to the program for inspiration. Dan and his wife Deborah have created make-up for most of the characters in the Halloween Spectacles in Marquette for the past three years.

This year’s Spectacle will be on Saturday, Oct. 28 in Harlow Park.

The program is free and open to the public. Call Michele at 906-250-7364 for additional information. It’s sponsored by the Lake Superior Art Association, with grant funding from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.