New at Peter White Public Library

Here is a list of books available at Peter White Public Library to help guide, teach, and inspire you for a more understanding and thoughtful tomorrow.

“On Tyranny: Twenty Lesson from the Twentieth Century” by Timothy Snyder

This short and concise book will only ask for about an hour of your time but will deliver countless history lessons many Americans have forgotten. Overflowing with historical vignettes and commentary by the author, On Tyranny offers guidance on how to identify fascism and anti-democratic movements for today’s reader while also providing suggestions on how to resist and survive what seems to be a global shift toward authoritarianism. Though the pages and chapters are short, you will feel the cold chill of real reality as Snyder plainly explores current political trends and historical parallels without wasting a single word. This quick book is smart and timely. On Tyranny is essential reading for anyone interested in government or leadership and issues facing democracy today.

Adult Nonfiction 321.9 SN

“Eisenhower: In War and Peace” by Jean Edward Smith

The first third of Smith’s biography describes Eisenhower’s early life and the many seemingly interminable assignments he held as a major in the peacetime army. This biography begins with a perceptive look at Eisenhower’s humble beginnings in Texas and Kansas; a military career and attendance at West Point were something of a surprise choice in his life. Eisenhower showed a talent for hard work and for impressing his superiors. He developed an ability to advance himself subtly with the help of key contacts he made. When the United States entered WW II, Eisenhower’s rise was meteoric, but it had been prepared over a long period. Jean Smith presents Dwight D. Eisenhower’s military and political history in a way that is not at all daunting, but instead shows Eisenhower as a virtuous leader deserving of his place in American history.

Adult Nonfiction 921 Eisenhow

“Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations” by Dan Ariely

If you are looking for an introductory yet thorough book that explores key factors and the total strangeness of human motivation, Payoff may be just the book for you. Though brief, this little book is surprisingly rich with detail and powerful imagery, which makes Ariely’s sometimes-serious exposition exciting and easy to understand. With the help of a little science and a dash of whimsy, this book offers guidance and numerous philosophies on how to motivate yourself or your team and how to keep that momentum going, especially in times of difficulty.

New Adult Nonfiction 658.314 AR

“The Heart of the Revolution” by Noah Levine

While remaining true to original texts and ideas, Noah Levine is able to take “the Buddha’s radical teachings on forgiveness, compassion, and kindness” and make them easy to grasp for the practical contemporary Western reader. Not at all religious nor dogmatic, The Heart of the Revolution highlights the tenants of Buddhism and allows the reader to practice in their own way. One of the best features of this book are the guided meditations provided by Levine to help those new to the practice or those searching for deeper insights on an already established practice. The Heart of the Revolution is a book that you simply will not read once and forget. The pages will call out to you repeatedly, encouraging you on your journey to discover all that you might be when the noise of everyday life quiets.

New Adult Nonfiction 294.3567 LE

“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho

A spellbinding tale about a young shepherd boy named Santiago and his journey to discover the greatest treasure on Earth. The Alchemist is one of those few books that has the potential to change your life! The narrative is engrossing, the lessons learned are universal, and the perspective is profoundly human. This magical little story may prompt you to reflect on your “personal legend” and inspire you to follow your dreams. With loads of spiritual and philosophical insight, The Alchemist is a true page-turner you will not want to put down. Do not be fooled by the simple language and seemingly obvious plot — you may just find yourself weeping by the end.

Adult Fiction Coelho

By Dominic M. Davis

Administrative Assistant