New at Peter White Public Library

What’s new this fall in the Young Adult books? Check out these titles for some fun reading in the steampunk, sci-fi and fantasy genres!

“The Wood” by Chelsea Bobulski

Winter’s family is tied to the wood that surrounds their home-in fact, their connection to the Wood is so strong that they can never leave. Her family serve as Guardians of the Wood, a strange place that exists outside of normal time and space with gateways that innocent folk from various time periods accidentally stumble into. Winter is charged with getting these accidental Travelers back safely to their own time periods. The story revolves around Winter’s struggles to maintain her life while guarding travelers, searching to find out how her father stumbled off the Wood’s path never to be seen again and fighting an ancient evil that is making her Wood more dangerous than ever with the assistance of a young traveler who knows more about the Wood than any normal human should.

“Mechanica (Vol 1) & Venturess (Vol 2)” by Betsy Cornwell

Mechanica is a steampunk spin-off of the Cinderella tale. While the first novel really focuses on establishing characters, the lore of the world and how steampunk functions in this world, the second novel is where the series really takes off. Very little of the normal Cinderella story exists in the second novel, instead focusing on the adventures of the prince Fin, Nicollette (our Cinderella genius at creating and inventing) and their friend Caro as they travel to Farie to attempt to stop a war. This is a steampunk series worth reading-with fun characters who grow and make decisions that lead each of them further away from the person they started out as in the first novel.

“The Epic Crush of Genie” Lo by F. C. Yee

Looking for a tough, strong heroine who was a weapon in a past life and is seriously amazing at kicking butt with the Monkey King when ancient Chinese demons escaped from hell? Then look no further than “The Epic Crush of Genie Lo”!

This book was honestly a riot to read. Based in ancient Chinese lore, set in current day Bay California, Genie is a typical Chinese American girl pushing to get into the best school possible and escape her life. This plan is thrown wildly off course when a new student at her school proclaims that he is the Monkey King, she a reincarnated weapon of awesome power, and that there are over 100 demons coming for both of them and all the humans who lived nearby. With humorous writing, plenty of action, this novel also tells the story of someone having to re-think what her goals are, and if they should change or remain the same.

“No Good Deed” by Kara Connolly

We all know the story of Robin Hood, right? Steal from the poor and give to the rich! But what happens when an Olympic level archery contender present day teenager finds herself in the caves below Nottingham during the Holy War? Well, you will need to read “No Good Deed” to find out! You will not be disappointed-this time traveling heroine needs no damsel-in-distress saving! She fights to help her new friends, right some wrongs, and searches desperately for a way home-all throughout which she learns how the tale of Robin Hood REALLY came about.

— Sarah Rehborg, Youth Services Librarian