Superiorland voices

What is something that takes up too much of your time?

PHILIP OAKLEY Rochester, MI "Wasting my time playing parking games. Having to run across town to feed a parking meter or move my car because of parking ordinances. I try to avoid cities like that."
JAREET LEUNK Grand Rapids, Mich. "I'm in grad school, so I'd say studying. I go to University of South Florida. I'd rather be doing anything outdoors."
ROCHELLE JAEHNIG Hancock, Mich. "Work. I'm a lab technician. I'd rather be with my family than working, but I do love my job."
CHUCK HOWE Marquette "Construction. It's in all the main travel areas in town, preventing people from getting to the Tourist Park."
JEFF MINNERICK Grand Haven, Mich. "Sleeping when I could be doing something productive. I'd rather get stuff done and spend time outdoors or with my family."
CALLI TOMASOSKI Marquette "Work. I work at the tourist park. I'm too good-hearted to quit, but if you work hard enough you'll get fired."