Talk on headaches, migraines set

MARQUETTE — The Peter White Public Library invites the public to a talk on headaches and migraines at 7 p.m. Aug. 2 in the Shiras Room.

The talk will be given by PA Bonnie Kilpela with Dr. Jennifer Dehlin and Dr. Christopher Dehlin of Single Track Health. Not only will Kilpela discuss the etiology and symptoms of headaches and migraines, but she will also discuss treatment options, including all the natural things that can be done to help.

Kilpela has a bachelor of science degree in biochemistry from Northern Michigan University, and a bachelor of science degree in medicine from Western Michigan University.

After graduating in 1993, she has worked for 12 years in cardiology, 4.5 years in neurology, 5 years in family practice, 4 years in interventional radiology, and 2 years in plastic surgery.

Anyone who struggles with headaches or migraines, or iknows someone who does, will appreciate this informational program. There is no admission charge to attend.

For more information, visit or call 226-4318.