Superiorland voices: What modern musician do you think will stand the test of time?

GRACE PHILLIPS Marquette, MI "Hiatus Kaiyote, because they are presenting new jazz fusion. They are an awesome band from Australia."
JAYROWIN LEBLANC Brimley, MI "Kendrick Lamar, because he doesn't write music for right now. He writes to create a lasting effect that is relevant to society in the long run."
NICK BORDINE Ishpeming, MI "Hank Williams or Hank Williams Jr. I don't think there's anything that compares to 'There's a Tear in my Beer.'"
CONNOR RYAN Detroit, MI "Bassnectar. They created a sound and they've integrated modern day technology and culture to improve the sound they created."
JOHN TEICHMAN Marquette, MI "David Bowie. That was easy. He was always ahead of his time. It's almost like people are still catching up with him now."
LIAM O'DAY Marquette, MI "Tom Petty. He's been around a long time and he's got a lot of young fans too. Or Billy Joel, because his music varies between so many different styles."