Cambensy narrowly beats Hosking in 109th primary


MARQUETTE — Sara Cambensy is the Democratic contender for the 109th District of the Michigan House of Representatives after getting the most votes in a very close special primary election today.

Cambensy said the results are still settling in for her tonight.

“But it’s a very humbling feeling to know that I was the top vote-getter, and that I get the chance to move on,” Cambensy said.

Cambensy of Marquette will square off in the November general election against Republican Rich Rossway, also of Marquette, who ran unopposed today, hoping to occupy the Michigan House seat vacated by the late Rep. John Kivela, D-Marquette.

Cambensy received a total of 3,477 votes, with Jeremy Hosking of Negaunee Township a close second at 3,344 votes.

The winner will serve the remainder of Kivela’s term, which expires at the end of 2018.

Joe Derocha of Marquette came in third at the polls with 2,435 votes, and Tom Curry of Limestone Township came in last with 386 votes.

Rossway received a total of 1,670 votes.

Cambensy attributed her success to endorsements from key people in outer-lying areas who went door-to-door with her.

Cambensy said it’s going to be a lot of work from now until November, getting out and meeting voters.

“I think I’ve shown the people that know me that I’m willing to take the tough votes and stand up and ask the hard questions,” Cambensy said. “So I’m hoping that other people will get to know me and kind of see me as someone they can trust going to Lansing and filling the shoes of John Kivela.”

Cambensy said it was a very competitive, tough primary, and she appreciates the other candidates’ willingness to run “a good, clean race.”

“We had four great Democratic candidates, and I think they all did a great job and they all ran really good races,” Cambensy said. “I think when you have a race like this where the candidates really just ran on their own merits, it feels good, and I hope they feel good for how they did.”

In Alger County, Cambensy received 407 votes; Tom Curry, 170 votes; Jeremy Hosking, 159; Joe Derocha, 134 votes; and Rich Rossway received 284 votes.

In Schoolcraft County, Hosking received 144 votes; Cambensy, 126 votes; Derocha, 115 votes; Curry 23 votes; and Rossway received 145 votes.

In Luce County, Cambensy and Hosking each received 62 votes; Derocha, 14 votes; Curry 7 votes; and Rossway received 130 votes.

Vote totals are unofficial, pending a meeting of the Marquette County Board of Canvassers at 1 p.m. Wednesday.