‘Creative Kitchen’

Kids have fun with food at museum

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MARQUETTE — The lizards at the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum probably didn’t care that their greens, carrots and other goodies were fed in the shape of a “funny face.”

It most likely, however, enjoyable for the youngsters who were involved in that activity.

Monday’s “Creative Kitchen” session at the museum involved putting healthy food like strawberries, bananas, carrots, apples and lettuce in the shapes of faces.

Leading the session, which took place in the kitchen area, was UPCM Manager Jim Edwards, also known as “Mr. Jim.”

Edwards told the youngsters of the faces’ ultimate destination.

“We can make faces on the plate, and then you can take the plate to the lizards to feed them,” Edwards said.

The UPCM keeps a resident reptile population in one section of the building.

The food faces were fairly anatomically correct, with bananas for eyes, greens for the hair and a strawberry for the nose, with variations depending on the particular face.

However, 2-year-old Finley Wilson, of Marquette, appeared a little agitated with one face.

“You’re missing the ear! You’re missing the ear!” the boy told Edwards as he was creating the face.

Elijah Bush, 10, of Marquette, volunteers for the museum. On Monday, he oversaw the “face feeding” to the reptiles.

His typical duties are animal-related.

“It’s fun because I get to take our animals and learn how to take care of lizards and stuff,” Elijah said.

What’s created in the museum kitchen, of course, varies. Edwards said one session involved pineapple and ugli fruit.

Ugli fruit is known as the “exotic tangelo from Jamaica.”

“I bring in fruits that they perhaps haven’t held,” Edwards said. “They only know pineapple comes from a can and juice.”

Even more familiar fruits are presented in a different way. And holding them can be educational for the kids.

Monday, the bananas were presented with their skin on them, and the “original” strawberries came with their outside “green bits.”

“They don’t understand that,” Edwards said.

Now they do.

“Creative Kitchen” takes place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. the third Monday of the month at the museum, which is located at 123 W. Baraga Ave. For more information, call 906-226-3911 or visit www.upchildrensmuseum.org.

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