Round-Up Rally

Father Marquette Catholic Academy hosts event

MARQUETTE — Education for the very young at the Father Marquette Catholic Academy is more than tiny trucks, Mr. Potato Head toys and pattern blocks.

However, they might get the youngsters’ attention.

The academy hosted a Round-Up Rally on Wednesday at the elementary school campus, located at 500 S. Fourth St. in Marquette, for children ages 3-5 to meet staff, play games and see the classrooms, Principal Mary Jo Scamperle said. Parents, of course, attended as well.

The academy has openings in its preschool, pre-K and kindergarten classes. Little Eagles, which are composed of preschool and pre-K students, is offered from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday with full- and half-day options available.

Scamperle greeted the public at the rally where interested community members could learn about the facility.

The event also gave current grade schoolers a chance to show off their manners and public-greeting skills.

“We’re having events in the classrooms, and we have student volunteers who are taking people to the classrooms, and then we have some games in the gym,” Scamperle said.

Third-grader Lydia Gorsalitz was one of those student volunteers.

“I’m helping, like, show around the little kids, and … if they want to play or anything like that,” Lydia said.

She said she enjoys attending the academy.

“There’s a lot of fun activities and everything, and I really like the third-grade classroom a lot,” said Lydia, who added her favorite subject involves going to the library. “I really like to read.”

Another third-grader, Maddy Croney, was a volunteer as well.

She said she appreciates everything the school does for the kids.

“We go to church and learn more about God,” Maddy said, “and my favorite subject would probably be language arts.”

She also doesn’t mind wearing the school uniforms, including the dresses.

“They’re blue dresses, not like normal clothes,” Maddy said.

Prospective parent Dan Pemble of Marquette attended the school when he was younger, noting he liked the small class sizes and dedicated teachers.

He visited the same classroom where kindergarten teacher Jen Vonck greeted other prospective parents at the rally, giving them an overview of that grade.

“It’s changed quite a bit,” said Vonck, who pointed out that although the youngsters still play, they learn other skills. “They add and subtract by the time they leave. They’re writing and reading. So, for some parents, that’s a surprise.”

FMCA offers education for students in first through eighth grades as well. The middle school for students in grades 5-8 is located at 414 W. College Ave.

For more information, call 906-225-1129 or visit

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