The many benefits of reading the printed word

For hundreds of years the human race has depended upon paper and ink for the satisfaction of a good book, but now a new species has invaded the world of printed knowledge: The dreaded eBook. I am here to argue that eBooks are no good. Printed books are so much better! These digital books are poisoning our lives! People need to realize, despite what people say about eBooks being more efficient, printed books have been a part of us for so long, you can’t just throw them away.

Take the movie Beauty and the Beast, for example. Do you remember the scene where Beast takes Belle into his library and gives it to her? What if he had just given her a Kindle and said, “I’ll order any eBook you want.” Not the same, right? And the book series “The Land of Stories?” It wouldn’t be right if Alex fell through her grandmother’s eBook into the fairytale world. It’s such a special feeling to walk into a library crammed with tons of books. It’s so much fun to spend the day browsing, but eBooks would take all that away.

Like I said earlier, many people have switched to eBooks for their efficiency and because they are lightweight (which might be their only positive). Although, I have to agree with that much, I believe that carrying a real book is worth the heavy lifting. Isn’t that what bags are for? Besides, books are so much more comforting to hold in your hands. I once read this really inspiring quote that said, “Books need to be heavy because they carry a world inside them.” I feel that this really holds the truth, because books truly are portals into other worlds.

A lot of people can relate when I say the following: Books smell good. I absolutely love opening a book and smelling it. Now, imagine yourself holding a newly bought device. You’ve just recently downloaded a new book, and you can’t wait to read it. Your first gut reaction when you see the digital cover of your book is to hold it to your nose and smell it. Then you realize, “Oh right, I can’t do that with a stinkin’ eBook!”

Also, along with being less enjoyable, eBooks are also bad for your eyes. Having to concentrate on the little pixels that screens use to display images cause our eyes to strain and may also cause a decrease in blinking, making our eyes dry and sore. While reading printed books may come with some minor concerns, the damage isn’t as consistent.

So, do yourself a favor. Go to a library. Go to a bookstore. Get yourself a book, go home and get comfortable. Heck, why don’t you buy a good friend a book? You could write them a note and sign your name in it and everything (cough, cough, unlike eBooks, unless you wanted to scratch your name into the screen, cough, cough). See that I preach the truth. I promise reading out of a real book is better. Go read a book!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Anna Rayhorn, 12, is a sixth-grade student at Bothwell Middle School. She is an avid reader.