An exciting trip to our nation’s capital

Eleanor Grosvenor, 12

This past January I went to Washington D.C. My mom and I went with my mom’s best friend. It was weird traveling with just my mom because usually we travel with my whole family. I have never traveled on an airplane with just my mom before. We were traveling to go to the March for Life. We were staying at the headquarters for March for Life, so we wouldn’t be too far from anything.

When we first got off the plane, we went to the basilica for opening Mass. It was huge. There were so many people there. The Mass was really cool because once when my parents and I traveled to New York and attended Mass, the person who celebrated Mass in New York also celebrated the Mass in Washington.

We made our way to the hotel and got something from the cafe downstairs for dinner. We were so tired. My mom had emailed the representatives of upper Michigan and some from lower Michigan, and asked if we could have a tour of the White House. We got an email back saying that we could have a tour of the Capitol Building.

That next morning we hurried up Capitol Hill, running because we were late. It was really warm there; like in the 60s (I will remind you that it was January). We were so sweaty because we were dressed for a Yooper winter, so we had a lot of layers on. When we got there we found out we were not late.

The United States Capitol Building was so beautiful. We got to go in the old houses and there were paintings and statues everywhere. Inside the dome there were beautiful paintings of Columbus landing in America, the signing of the U.S. Constitution and so much more. At the very top was a mural of George Washington becoming a god. George Washington was not ever told this painting was going to be made otherwise he would’ve said no, because he was a very humble man. On top of the dome outside there is a statue of the Goddess of Freedom. She sort of looks like the Statue of Liberty, in my opinion and she has an eagle on her head that some say looks like a chicken. At the end of our tour we saw the House of Representatives voting on whether to shut down the government.

Right after the tour we hurried over to the March for Life and there were a lot of people. After we had marched we looked back down the hill and it looked like they were going back and doing it all over again, but they couldn’t have because it was a point-to-point march.

We also got to see all the monuments: Lincoln was really big, the Washington Monument was really tall (and closed for renovation), the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial was really sad and the Jefferson Monument had a huge dome around it. On the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial, some kids were trying to walk over the not-even-frozen-over pool and falling in.

There are really good restaurants in D.C. too. If I tried to name all the cool ones, it would take a while. But the best fast food was the Shake Shack and the best fancy restaurant was the Olive Pit. It was so sad to leave D.C, but we had to go. I really want to go back sometime.

Editor’s note: Eleanor Grosvenor is 12 and is in seventh grade at Father Marquette Middle School. She enjoys downhill and cross-country skiing, and loves to travel.