Seahawks fan discusses his passion for the team

I was born in Marquette Michigan, but when I was 6 years old we moved to Idaho to see family. Idaho is right next to Washington, which is where the Seattle Seahawks play football. When I was in first grade in Idaho all of my friends liked the Seattle Seahawks. Toward the beginning of October, I started watching their football games and at that time they were pretty good.

The Seattle Seahawks coach is Pete Carroll. The Seahawks two main colors are green and navy blue. Their stadium is Centurylink Field. My favorite players are Jimmy Graham, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson and Paul Richardson Jr. I like these players because they are all really good.

I like Jimmy Graham because he’s tall and he’s caught 10 touchdown passes. He’s also very strong. I like that he’s good at football. The position he plays is tight end. He is number 88.

The reason I like Bobby Wagner is because he is short, which can be an advantage because he can slip through players. Right now in football he might win defensive player of the year award. I also like him because he is fast. The position he plays is middle linebacker.

The reasons I like Russell Wilson is because he is 82 percent of their offense. He is also a very mobile quarterback. He is very good in the pocket when he is almost getting sacked. He is number 3.

The last player that I like the most on the Seahawks is Paul Richardson Jr. He is probably tied for the best receiver with Doug Baldwin, the Seahawks wide receiver. He is the best at making spectacular catches, even when catching the ball with a lot of players around him. The number he wears is 10.

Unfortunately, the Seahawks lost their last game so they didn’t make it into a wildcard playoff spot. Their record is 9-7. It was still fun watching the playoffs even though the Seahawks weren’t in the playoffs. It was surprising that they lost their last game because the team that they played lost to the Seahawks earlier in the season, and also the team that they played was not very good; their record was only 8-8. I believe the Seahawks will make it to the playoffs next season. I think the Seahawks will probably make it to the playoffs next year because they have a lot of rising stars and if those rising stars go to practices in the offseason they will get better.

I have never seen them play in an NFL stadium. I would really like to go see them play live. If I had two tickets to see them play any team, I would want to go with my dad and I would want to see them play the Lions. I have read three books about the Seahawks. When I am older I want to play for the Seahawks. Recently, I have been training to get my body stronger so I can play for the Seahawks when I am older.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ben Rayhorn, 9, is a fourth-grade student at Graveraet Elementary School. He loves sports, especially football and the Seattle Seahawks.