Part I: My family takes a trip to Oregon

Eleanor Grosvenor, 12

I was so excited this past September because I was going to travel to Oregon for my uncle’s wedding. It was so hard to wait, but finally the day came. We had to wake up pretty early because our flight was at 5 a.m. in the morning. We drove to the airport and got on the plane. The first plane ride was an hour long and then we transferred at Detroit. There was an hour layover so we went to get lunch at P.F. Chang’s. I was so proud of myself because I finally learned how to use chopsticks.

After lunch, we headed over to our gate and my cousins from Sault Ste. Marie were there because we had the same flight. We got on the plane and my cousins and I were begging to change seats to sit next to each other. Finally, our parents said we could after the takeoff. The plane had those cool little TVs on the back of the seats. There was this program where you could play games with other seats, so during the takeoff, my cousins and I played all the games. Finally, after takeoff my cousins took turns sitting next to me. We played games, talked, watched shows, played on our own devices and just looked out the window. After the flight, we each took different cars to go see our rentals.

We were staying at two different rentals during our trip. We arrived at our first, which was just a little closer to the wedding and it had a beautiful view of the ocean. It was totally worth the wait. The first rental was a little small, but somehow we all fit. My mom, dad, three siblings, my grandma and grandpa and I were all in a three-room apartment. My parents and my two younger siblings slept in the master bedroom, while my grandparents slept with me and my other sibling in the room with two twin beds. My brother slept with me in one bed (unfortunately) and my grandparents in the other.

I quickly unpacked and got my swimsuit on and went to find my cousins to go to the beach. I quickly found out that Oregon is way colder then they make it sound. We went to the beach and found lots of sand dollars. We found a cave that led to another beach that we would go to the next day. We went wave jumping; which was actually more like trying to jump over a wave, but really just getting knocked down and laughing because we were all soaked.

The next day, we went on a hike that led to a tree that is called the Octopus Tree, because there are eight trees growing out of one stump. We then had a picnic. The next few days were the same: go on a hike that has an amazing view of the ocean, go to the beach, go to the other beach that has fun rocks to climb on and eat lots of ice cream. One day we went to the Tillamook cheese factory where you could see how they make the ice cream, cheese and milk. Then we got ice cream. I accidentally got two scoops. They were huge! Imagine getting five scoops … that’s how big it was!

Then it was time for the rehearsal dinner. My cousins sat with me and everyone had a bunch of seafood except for me. I don’t really like seafood; well, I like everything except fish. We stayed late, telling stories, jokes, laughing and just playing around.

Please read my column next week for Part 2 of my Oregon Adventure: The wedding.

Editor’s note: Eleanor Grosvenor is 12 and is in seventh grade at Father Marquette Middle School. Eleanor enjoys downhill and cross country skiing.