Part 2: My family takes a trip to Oregon

I was the junior bridesmaid in my Uncle’s wedding, which was out in Oregon.

I was so excited because I had never been a bridesmaid. We helped the bride get ready and brought her down to the wedding, but before all this stuff my cousin and my sister were flower girls and her mom was a bridesmaid, so they all came over to do our hair and paint our nails and stuff. My dress was a navy blue and the flower girls’ dresses were peach, their tops were lace with a floor length bottom.

We headed off after all of this, and went to the marriage ceremony. Afterwards, we took pictures and then we danced for a really long time! My cousins and I requested a lot of songs and we danced until maybe 11 p.m. My feet were so sore afterwards. We then stayed a couple days in the next rental that was really nice and roomy. It was close to our first rental, but this one was bigger and we had our own rooms. It had a really nice fireplace. One night, everyone, and I mean everyone, came over to watch a football game. It was fun because I had my own little room in a little loft that was so small I could barely stand up in it. It had a TV and a couch that turned into a bed. My cousins and I mostly spent our time up there watching Star Wars Rebels.

Then, the next day we had lunch, which was the leftovers from the wedding, and then said our goodbyes. But first, before we left, we went to Tillamook Cheese Factory one more time with my cousins. We didn’t get ice cream because the line was too long, and we didn’t buy anything because the souvenirs were too expensive.

We went to Goodwill for no reason other than to see what they had. We fooled around with the Halloween stuff, scaring each other. My cousin found this really cool Darth Maul mask. We later found out in the car that when you press a horn it talks and makes sounds. My cousin and I found some really cute seashell earrings that were a dollar! I saw the exact same ones in the Tillamook Cheese Factory, but for like $6.

We then had to pack up and leave. I was so sad to leave. After we packed up and on the way to the airport we were able to take one last hike. We all met at the huge hill that was right next to the sea. We walked along the beach and there was foam on the beach. My littlest cousin ran right up to the foam and fell in it.

I really wanted to stay, even though it was time to go. I was really tired when we got back to Marquette at like midnight. My mom let me sleep in the next day even though it was a school day (thank goodness). I would highly recommend people go to Oregon on their next vacation.

Editor’s note: Eleanor Grosvenor is 12 and is in seventh grade at Father Marquette Middle School. Eleanor enjoys downhill and cross country skiing.