Learning the importance of child care

I have always wanted to be a babysitter because I thought it would be a fun way to earn lots of money and I have always loved being around kids. I would spend my babysitting money on Pokemon cards, books and a 3DS. I am planning on charging $5 to $6 an hour. Babysitting will give me the chance to meet new kids, have fun and earn and save money.

A while ago I took the Red Cross babysitting and child care class at Messiah Lutheran church. It cost around $60 and lasted from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. We learned lots of important things that you must know in order to be the best babysitter you can be. We learned what to do if a child will not listen. Example: we can put them in a time-out. You cannot give the child something that they want, but cannot have. You have to try to explain this to them, but if they will not listen, you tell them that you will have to put them into timeout to have them think about calming down.

We also learned how to properly pick up infants and children. For infants there are two ways: Either put your arms under the armpit using your fingers to support the head, neck and back, then lift them up; and another optional step to take is to let your arms support the child in the form of a cradle. That is called the cradle hold.

We also learned what to do in emergencies: Check, Call, Care. Check the patient, call for help (911 or the local emergency number) and care. For call and care, decide which one to do first depending on the injury and how bad it is. Do as much as you can to help the patient before help arrives. We also learned how to care for different possible injuries. I learned that for severe bleeding you should cover the wound with gauze and bandages and keep doing this until blood does not show through the gauze. For broken and sprained bones, there are many different kinds of casts or splints depending on which part of the body is sprained or broken.

Lunch was provided. We had pizza, soda and cookies during breaks. They also gave us a free babysitter’s handbook and a CD that could create your babysitting resume and business cards.

I want to be a kind, caring babysitter. I am interested in any age group and will kindly follow household rules and interact with the kids. I will be happy to play with the children and would not be the babysitter who is lazy and doesn’t pay attention. I would be happy to care for kids, as babysitting has been a fun idea that I have always wanted to do. I would keep a watchful eye on the children under my care. I do not have much experience in babysitting, but I am good at interacting with kids and now that I have taken the Red Cross babysitting and child care training class I will be ready to have fun with lots of kids as I babysit.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Anja is an avid reader and is a member of her seventh grade student council in Appleton, Wisconsin. She recently moved from Marquette to Appleton, but still writes for 8-18 Media remotely.