Father Marquette is a good school for everyone

michael mankee, 12

The Father Marquette Catholic Schools are schools filled with amazing teachers and kind faculty members. I’ve been attending the schools since I was 4 years old and I’ve made lots of friends over the years at Father Marquette. Through all of my time at Father Marquette I have always had great teachers, who have always encouraged and believed in me.

My fourth-grade homeroom teacher, Ms. Wayland, was one of my favorite teachers because she would always go over to each student individually, and if they were having trouble, she would help them. She helped me be positive every day. She had me write down three positive things that happened to me that morning and make me remember them (because it was the morning … who remembers anything in the morning) and be grateful. She had a really fun way of teaching us to write in cursive. She would put shaving cream on our desks and have us write on it to help us learn cursive.

Mrs. Shunk teaches fifth and sixth grades. In those classes we read King Arthur and Robin Hood and we got to act them out. It made reading really fun and enjoyable; but beware she has terrible, corny jokes.

Mrs. Naple is our current band instructor in the middle school. She works really hard and she cares for all of her students. She helps all of the students be equally prepared for our concerts. Mrs. Naple lets us choose our own music for the concerts. We listen to lots and lots of music, just to decide. We have band every day and I look forward to it. I am also really looking forward to solo ensemble. I play the saxophone.

This is probably going to sound funny, but now that I am in seventh grade, I am really looking forward to our class trips. We are going to bike down the Iron Ore Heritage Trail and canoe down a river! Each year there is also a class trip. In fifth grade we went on a class trip to Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island. In sixth grade we went to the Lady of Good Help Shrine and Lambeau Field to get a personal tour of the Green Bay Packers’ stadium. The eighth-grade class trip is the huge one. We get to go to Chicago. We get to go to Six Flags and we also get to go to a cool museum where there are lots of exhibits. We also get to see the Blue Man Group.

Father Marquette Schools accepts all faiths — even atheists. So, even if you are not a Christian, you can come to the school. In school we do go to Mass every Friday. Some people might think it would be boring and there’s nothing to do, but it’s actually quite funny because the priests usually have jokes during Mass.

Father Marquette has small classes, so everybody knows everybody and there are no teachers’ pets. We also have uniforms, which seem like they would be uncomfortable, but after, like, one week … you don’t even realize you are in a uniform.

If you think Father Marquette sounds like an interesting school, than I would recommend that you join our school community.

Editor’s note: Michael Mankee, 12, is a seventh-grader at Father Marquette School. He likes figuring out math problems in his head and playing “old school” video games.