Choir Camp a really good time for everyone

This past summer I went to the second annual Choir Camp at St. Peter Cathedral. At first I was nervous. Would all the kids there be ready to go to Hollywood? Would I be the one kid who is totally off pitch? Well, let me tell you how I came to find this camp.

One day I was waiting for my brother to say hi to him while my dad and I sat in the entrance to St. Peter Cathedral. My brother was doing Totus Tuus, which is Latin for “totally yours.” I saw a flyer on the table and it said, “Choir Camp- improve your voice, meet friends, and grill the priest.”I knew I needed to improve my voice, but I wasn’t sure what grill the priest was? I thought that it sounded pretty fun and two of my friends did it last year and told me that it was really fun. I asked my dad about it and he said that he would sign me up.

The day it started I had to wake up at 8 a.m., which wasn’t so bad. Then it started at 9 a.m. and ended at 5 p.m. Some of my friends were there but I also met new ones. Turns out that “grill the priest” is actually just asking the priest questions. We sang Vespers (nightly prayer) every night up in the choir loft. The camp included lunch, which was always something good like Border Grill. We got these binders, which had exercises and songs in them. The last day we had shirts that we had to wear and we went up to the altar stairs and sang the songs from our binders. I was so excited that I got a duet!

One of the days we got to each play on the organ. It was so fun! First he demonstrated all the funny sounds. My two favorite sounds are the ones he called the dump truck and the other he called the rumble. The rumble well, made the pipes rumble. The dump truck sounded like a construction site. We got to sing with the piano and the organ.

I really wish more people were there but it was still fun with the little amount of people because more attention was given to your voice and you got to be close to your new friends. We got to have an outdoor activity everyday too, which means we tried to play a game outside for like 5 minutes. It was super hard to agree on something for the small number of people; so we usually ended up lying on the grass arguing about what to do. The last day we actually agreed on a game for the first time ever, but we ended up having a grass fight. There was grass literally everywhere!

All in all choir camp was super fun. I totally encourage more people to come next year to up the numbers. It turns out I wasn’t the one off pitch… nobody was. Thank goodness!

Editor’s note: Eleanor Grosvenor is 12 and is in sixth grade at Father Marquette Middle School. Eleanor is a Star Wars fanatic and loves to ski and swim.