I have a crazy family, but we make it work

My name is Bria Larson and I have a large unique family. My stepdad’s name is Jon Teichman. He is super cool. My mom’s name is Laura Teichman, and she is the best at cooking. My sister’s name is Ava Larson and she is great at computer coding. My dad’s name is Jake Larson, and he is so fun to hangout with. I have two stepbrothers: Heath and Jack. Heath is really good at drawing and Jack likes music and Star Wars. We all have our own issues. We get into arguments sometimes, but in the end we are all a loving family, and I want to tell you a little more about each one.

Ava is my older sister. She is 12. She always tries to make me laugh. She likes to sleep, she likes to code and she likes to read. Ava stayed up until 3 a.m. in the morning once because we were in the same room talking. The next morning, I got up really early and Ava slept in until 2 p.m. She likes to sleep a lot during the summer… typical “tweenager.” During the school year she has to get up because the bus comes early. Ava was in a Scratch camp: a camp for computer coding. For that, they had to do a 20 percent project. It’s 20 percent of your grade. Ava’s score was the second highest in the class. Her project was cool: there was a singer, there was someone playing the cello and there was someone on the drums. She animated it to play. She is also always reading. She is currently reading the series Warriors by Aaron Hunter. It’s about cats and there are many different clans and they fight. Ava would recommend the series because it is written by a really good author.

I have two stepbrothers and they usually come a week after school gets out to stay with us for the summer. My stepbrother Heath is 13. Heath likes drawing. He likes drawing little cartoon people; comic book style. One of his goals is to write his own graphic novel. Heath likes going to the beach because he stays with us during the summer. He also likes to hangout with his friends Ben, Evan, Collin, Gus and Georgia.

My oldest stepbrother is Jack. He is 16. He likes to run. He likes to run from our house to South Beach. That’s 6 miles! He likes to ride his bike too. He likes to listen to records, like my stepdad. He listens to the Beatles and the Blues Brothers.

My mom likes reading mystery novels. She works at Marquette Area Public Schools. She works with kids who are not quite ready to go into kindergarten.

My stepdad, Jon Teichman loves records. He sells records. He has two sales a year: one at the Ore Dock and one at Northern Michigan University. His record collection is HUGE! We have a room where there are four shelves full of records!

My dad and I like to play football. We go to a lot of baseball games. We have gone to see the Milwaukee Brewers. They are really good.

We’re a crazy family, but we make it work.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Bria Larson, 11, is a fifth-grader at Graveraet Elementary School and loves volunteering at the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum as a Guardian of Wow. She also loves playing with her friend Georgia, and walking the family dog.