Upcoming NFL season looks good for Lions

bodhi white, 12

As we head into the 2017-2018 NFL season, the Lions record was 9-7, which, considering the fact they started last season 1-3, is not bad. They were 18th according to ESPN.com in defense in the regular season and 21st in offense. They limped through the season and did not beat a playoff-bound team all year. The Seahawks in the wildcard game trounced the Lions. I am a Lions fan so that loss hurt, but considering how they entered last season without their star player Calvin Johnson and no huge news, they did pretty well.

The 2016-2017 season was an improvement over the previous year, when they were 7-9; plus Calvin Johnson said recently, according to ESPN, that one of the reasons he left is because of the teams’ struggles. In this off-season the only notable changes are the two draft picks: Teez Tabor a cornerback out of Florida and Jarrad Davis, a linebacker out of Florida. Last year the Lions’ star linebacker DeAndre Levy had been plagued with injuries and also to an extent the whole defensive line. According to prideofdetriot.com, a doctor for the NFL said that the Lions’ running back Ameer Abdullah has a good chance to be 100 percent in the 2017-2018 season, which is good, but not groundbreaking.

It looks like this season is shaping up to be similar to last season, but hold your horses: the veteran players could have gotten better and maybe the new rookies will surprise us. I predict it is going to be a 10-6 season, with the Lions losing in the first round of playoffs. I hope it is better than my prediction. Here is a question I have on my mind: Is Jim Caldwell going to keep his job as the Lions head coach going into the next season? Personally, I think yes. As the Lions head coach he had one season that was 11-5 and another that was 7-9 and then last year that was 9-7, rounding him out at a record of 25-21, which is better than Jim Shorts with an overall record of 29-46.

I am looking forward to this season. I have been a Lions fan for seven years and going. I have been a Lions fan since 2010 for two reasons:

1. They are one of the first football teams I ever watched.

2. If you live in Michigan you should root for the Michigan team because Wisconsin did not take the Upper Peninsula; Michigan did.

This has been a preview of the 2017-2018 Detroit Lions season.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Bodhi White, 12 years old, is an avid sports fan and likes the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Lions. Bodhi is a seventh-grader at Bothwell Middle School.