A close look at my family trip to Mackinac Island


Have you ever wanted to bike around Mackinac Island? Well I have! It is fun; the whole experience is about 8 miles long. You can stop along the way at one of the many wonderful beaches. I sat on the beach and let the waves roll on to my toes. When I got bored, I hopped on my beach cruiser.

I stopped mostly at fudge shops. May’s is a nice one on the island to visit. Here is a hint: try the blueberry fudge. It is the best fudge I ever had.

My sister and I walked around the main part of the island. We saw all the people arrive and go every which possible way. Tons of horses were pulling guests and tourists around. When lunchtime rolled around, we stopped at an amazing restaurant. I had mac and cheese (you can’t beat a classic). The restaurant was nicely decorated. I left the restaurant feeling stuffed.

My sister managed to convince my dad to go in the Haunted Theater. I wanted to do the scariest one they had, which we did. On the inside we stopped at these “stations” where you can look in a glass window and see weird animal exhibits. The maze ended. It felt like a horror movie. A scream hurt my ears. The next door was the right door. Having my dad in front of me, we walked in. A new maze appeared, this time a series of strobe lights flashed. My sister started a funny dance and jumped at my face. We continued on our way. A huge spider fell down. Next the room fell dark! “Ahh,” yelled a worker who was enveloped in the dark. I jumped. Our adventure of horror was over. Still used to the dark room I blinked in the sunshine and took in all my surroundings and saw an ice cream store.

We walked into the creamy smelling store. All the flavors were listed on the wall in black: Mackinac Island Fudge, Chocolate, Strawberry, Blue moon and Superman, just to name a few. My sister and I shared a Superman ice cream in a HUGE waffle cone. We destroyed the ice cream. Wandering away from the crowds we went to the arcade next to the docks. Video game after video game sat waiting to be played. I did not play a game; I sat there eating fudge! Going to the dock was not fun, leaving historic houses and long bike rides behind. Can you guess what I will miss the most? FUDGE! The ferry number was called. We waited in a long line full of kids, moms, dads, brothers and sisters. “Only four more people can fit,” called the captain of the ferry. We had four people: my sister, my dad, and my aunt and me. We boarded the Star Line boat. Up the steps we went. The rows of people were filled up. I pointed out some people with a cat in a bag. Now I can say “They let the cat out of the bag!”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ave Larson, 12, is a seventh-grade student at Bothwell Middle School. She loves to read, especially the series “Warriors.”