Living in a winter wonderland

Esme Ulland-Joy, 8

When it is wintertime I like to go sledding with my dad and brother.

One time we had a contest to see who could perform the best tricks. Most of the tricks included standing on the sled (of course we held the string). Once, we even tried going down the hill all in one sled: my dad in the back, my brother in the middle and me in the front. One time we even caroled in the car on the way home. When we get home from sledding, we like to drink hot cocoa. I especially like the mint kind. I love mint! Then we go to bed in our warm covers and wonder what awaits us the next day.

Nobody wants to get up in the morning (at least not me) from the warm covers. We are happy when it is a snow day — sort of — I like school. On snow days, my brother Liam and I like building snow forts with our snow block makers. Once, we built an awesome fort along the side of our garage. Sometimes we even pile snow on the steps and sled down the steps. When we are too cold to continue playing or Liam goes inside to read, we head inside. Around Christmas time we might head inside to put up Christmas decorations. I made some ornaments and others I bought this year at the school mini-fair. On the morning of the mini-fair I slept until 8 a.m. When my mom woke me up she said, “You don’t want to miss the mini-fair.” I sat up quick. I love the mini-fair. When I got to school I had to wait a couple of hours before my class went to the mini-fair. When I walked into the gym (where the mini fair is) I went straight to the table where I usually buy my mom things. I bought a necklace for my grandma, and I saw it at her house when I went there! I also bought a silver leaf pin and a gold leaf pin for my mom. I like buying ornaments too. I once bought a Peanuts ornament for my dad. The mini-fair has games, but I never play them. When the mini-fair was over I went back to my class.

When it is snowing outside during our lunch recess, I pull my friend on a sled. There are no hills, but we just like pulling each other. Sometimes we even build snowmen. After I get home from school, I am excited when it is the weekend! I will ask my mom if we can go tubing. I love going tubing. There is a big hill and special tubes and you sled in the tubes. The good thing is you don’t have to walk up the hill because they hook your tube on a special machine and we ride up. Our time there goes by quickly and soon we have to go.

I really look forward to the next time it snows. Winter is a true wonderland.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Esme Ulland-Joy is 8 years old and is in third grade at Sandy Knoll. Esme loves ballet and reading.