My favorite video games from the 1980s

Michael Mankee, 12

I like old video games better than new games. I still like the new games, but I think the old ones are better because they don’t have a story that gets confusing, they don’t make you deaf, and they don’t make you scared from midnight to 6 a.m. Here are some of my favorite classic video games:

1. Q*bert

Released in 1982, Q*bert is an original 2-D game that has a 3-D effect. Published by two huge game producers (Atari and Konami) this game was a huge hit in arcades all over the country. During production Q*bert was originally called Snots and Boogers and @!#?@!. I like Q*bert because it has lots of confusing puzzles.

2. Centipede

Player is a garden gnome trying to defeat centipedes, spiders, scorpions and fleas. Centipede is produced by Atari. To defeat a centipede you have to shoot the centipede until all of it is gone. Each time you shoot a centipede, a mushroom forms, so you have to shoot the mushrooms so it’s easier for you to shoot the centipedes. To defeat the centipede right away, shoot it in the head. To win you must get rid of all centipedes on each level. I like Centipede because it’s a challenge that’s not too confusing.

3. Galaga

Galaga was developed by Namco (the video game god). The protagonist is a spaceship. Galaga is the sequel to Galaxian. Antagonists are abductor ships, red attack ship and a yellow/blue attack ship. If the abductor ship takes your ship, than your ship shoots you. Once you shoot the abductor ship that took your ship you get your ship back, so you now have two ships shooting at one time. Interesting fact: Galaga is the first game to attack in the movie Pixels. I think Galaga is cool because there is a pattern with the ships.

4. Mappy

The game god Namco also developed Mappy. The goal of Mappy is to get all items — rare items that cost money, like TVs, radios and even the Mona Lisa. Mappy comes from Mappo, which is Japanese slang for policeman. The bonus level allows you to get as many points as you can before time runs out. There are three pink cats and one red. The cats are called the “Meowkies.” The three pink cats do not have names, but the red cat does have a name. Its name is Goro. The antagonists are the cats and if a Meowkie touches you, you die and lose a life. The protagonist is a mouse named Mappy. There are doors that you open, and if there is a cat behind you the cat will fall over and the cat does not get up for about three seconds, in which you can collect more items. There are also rainbow-colored doors and if you open up a rainbow color door, this wave shoots back and if there are any cats behind you they are pushed and are killed instead of you. There are also trampolines that are used so that you can bounce up to different floors. Before you bounce on the trampoline it is green. Once you bounce on the trampoline it turns blue. Bounce again it is red. Three bounces, no more trampoline — you die. I like Mappy because I think it is hilarious. It’s a video game comedy show.

These are four of my favorite 1980s video games and why I like them. I encourage kids try to find a way to play the games, and adults should try to also play them to remember what it is like to play classic arcade games.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Michael Mankee is 12. Michael enjoys writing for the school newspaper, figuring out math problems in his head and playing Minecraft.