Culinary compatriots

Dia de los Tacos teams up with Slows Bar-B-Q, Blackrocks Brewery

Whole hog tacos with a variety of seasonings and sauces will be served at Blackrocks Brewery next weekend as part of a collaborative effort between Marquette-based food truck Dia de los Tacos and Slows Bar-B-Q, out of Detroit. This is the second year the establishments have teamed up for the barbecue event. (Photos courtesy of Mike Walker)

MARQUETTE — Whole hog tacos — ’nuff said.

That’s what will be on tap next weekend at Blackrocks Brewery in Marquette, courtesy of the cross-state culinary compatriots Dia de los Tacos and Slows Bar-B-Q, out of Detroit.

Mike Walker, owner of the Marquette-based food truck Dia de los Tacos, said the idea for the joint barbecue started out as an idea among friends, himself and Slows chef Mike Metevia.

“We worked together at Slows years ago, and he wanted to come to Marquette. I wanted him to bring a pig to smoke,” Walker said. “One thing led to another, and here we are. It really is just a handful of people who get really excited about food. Making it and eating it, and drinking a couple beers while we do it.”

But during the inaugural barbecue last year, the crew was a little worried the cold and rainy weather might deter the hungry crowds from coming out, Walker recalled.

“We were afraid no one was going to show up,” he said. “Holy crap, were we wrong! We sold out of three pigs in about six hours. Everyone showed up, and was really excited. The crew from Slows was kinda’ overwhelmed, if I recall, by all the support that Marquette mustered up on a kinda’ crappy day.”

This year, possibly preparing for nicer weather and more hungry mouths to feed, they decided to smoke four pigs for the barbecue, set to begin at 2 p.m. Aug. 12 at Blackrocks Brewery, 424 N. Third St., Marquette.

“This year, Slow Mike will season each of the four pigs a little bit differently, so you’ll wanna’ come back a couple times to try the different spice mixes,” Walker suggests. “They’re also bringing up a couple of their signature sauces. The Apple BBQ and their North Carolina vinegar sauce. Both are incredible. I’ll be making a few to add. as well; a jalapeno chimichurri, a chipotle barbecue, a Faygo Rock N’ Rye barbecue and one other that I haven’t decided on.”

Walker said he’s excited for the opportunity to again be a part of the barbecue event.

“Last year went better than we anticipated,” he said. “Both the Slows and Blackrocks crews are so fun to work with. This kind of collaboration doesn’t happen every day, and these three teams working together is a dream.”

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