Wet burritos and wet noses

April fundraiser to benefit service dogs

MARQUETTE — The local chapter of the civic service organization Order of the Eastern Star will host a wet burrito sale in early April to raise money for worthy causes, including financially supporting the training and use of service dogs.

The Order of the Eastern Star, an appendant group to the well-known fraternal organization the Masons, is open to both men and women who meet certain requirements.

The burritos, on the other hand, can be purchased and enjoyed by anyone.

“It’s a very good deal,” said organizer Sheryl Morrison. “They’re very filling. You can almost do two meals if you get a large one.”

The large wet burrito, at $9, is a 12-inch soft shell tortilla stuffed with 1 cup of beef, refried beans and homemade sauce. After it’s wrapped, more sauce is added before it’s topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and olives. Every order also comes with sour cream, salsa, a bag of chips and an after-dinner mint. The smaller size costs $7.

“You can take your chances that we might have some food left,” Morrison said, but orders should be made in advance by calling the Masonic Building by Friday at 906-225-1157.

About five members of the fraternal group build the burritos shortly before they’re given to purchasers. Orders can be picked up between 11 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. April 11 at the Masonic Building by using the rear entrance near the east end of the Bluff Street parking ramp.

Morrison said the burritos can somewhat be made to order, if allergies are a concern, for example, or if someone prefers the toppings on the side or doesn’t enjoy refried beans as much as the next person.

Delivery service in the city of Marquette and Marquette Township may also be possible, for orders of six burritos or more, or if multiple separate orders are in close proximity to each other, Morrison said.

The group held similar sales in January, February and March, and plans to host another one next month, with a must-order-by date of May 5.

“We average about 70 (burritos) a month,” Morrison said. “It’s not real big, but it keeps us going.”

Morrison, who serves as worthy matron of the Presque Isle Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star, said the group recently adopted service dogs as its main charitable effort worldwide, but also provides other charitable services, such as youth scholarships and financial assistance for elderly members.

Morrison said she and her husband, Bob, have been organizing the wet burrito sales since 2006, when she was seeking a state-level position within the order.

“At that time I wanted to run for the state office, so I would have been worthy grand matron,” she said. “Our chapter had to raise some money to pay for the reception. … and now we’re just putting it back into various charities.”

She said the burrito sales will help benefit the Michigan-headquartered nonprofit Paws with a Cause.

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