Wandels’ WaterCare: Treating problem water throughout the U.P.

Dan Wandel poses for a photo with his company van. (Courtesy photo)

Wandels’ WaterCare continues to treat and resolve issues present in both residential and commercial water supplies across the Upper Peninsula. With a long standing reputation of knowledge and service, they can handle most any challenge that comes their way. From general household use to drinking water, every issue is capable of being resolved.

New technologies continue to improve the water treatment industry, and Wandels’ is using these new technologies. “The efficiency that can be obtained with new equipment to treat problem water has advanced greatly. The changes from just a few years ago are remarkable. We can now format our products to customers’ needs by using our Water Efficient Technology (W.E.T.), this allows us to cycle units in a timed manner but only use the salt and/or water in proportion to the customer’s actual water usage. Most people would be very surprised at how many ‘green’ non-salt based systems we install and how effective they are,” said owner Dan Wandel.

“People need to know that we are here to answer any water related questions they may have regardless of the waters source, public or private. If they have ever been told treatment is not possible then they should also contact us as we are cleaning up some of the worst water out there. Tannins as deep in color as maple syrup, sediment as thick as tomato juice, hardness up to 400 grains per gallon, Total Dissolved Solids in excess of 20,000 parts per million are all being treated locally. We can also address chemicals and additives, pH, and any odors that are being encountered. The scope of equipment being applied has a tremendous range of capabilities, beyond most anything used previously.”

Wandels’ is a local dealership utilizing products made by its parent company WaterCare. The WaterCare product line is designed, manufactured, and assembled in America.

“WaterCare is as local of a company as possible.” says Dan Wandel. “We’re proud to partner with a truly American made, family-owned and operated company that is located in Appleton, Wisconsin, and is constantly innovating and passionate about what they do.”

All WaterCare equipment that Wandels’ uses includes a five-year/lifetime warranty, arguably the best control valve and head in the industry, immediate local support, and products that are specially designed to fit the unique needs of the Upper Peninsula’s problem water.

Wandels’ WaterCare offers a wide variety of water services to Upper Peninsula residents. Services include water softeners, iron and odor filtration systems, sediment filters, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, in-line filters, bottled water coolers, point-of-use coolers, replacement parts and filters, bottled water and cup delivery, and salt delivery. We not only provide residential and commercial sales, but also offer service on all brands of water treatment equipment.

The company has a team providing service to the Upper Peninsula.

“We are always willing to answer water related questions, and provide complimentary in home water tests for our local residents, and on site testing for businesses. Nobody should ever hesitate to contact us, we enjoy our line of work and look forward to hearing from people,” says Wandel.

Wandels’ WaterCare can be contacted by phone at 906-827-3930 or toll free at 877-655-0700. Please feel free to stop by our booth A077 thru A080 at the U.P. Builders show this Friday through Sunday at the Superior Dome in Marquette for more information and plenty of cold, refreshing water samples. We will check any water samples delivered to us at our booths.

Wandels’ can also be reached via email at info@wandelswatercare.com, or on the internet at wandelswatercare.com.

We also have a Facebook page: search for Wandels’ WaterCare.

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