A Southern girl with a big U.P. dream

Kelsey Niemisto

You may have noticed Hanna’s Tea Times in downtown Negaunee. It is a delightful boutique sitting on Iron Street. This is the place where tea lovers come for high-quality tea, a beautiful presentation, and the friendly and knowledgeable Maryhanna Ockerman, also known as Hanna — the owner of Hanna’s Tea Times.

 Hanna is originally from Florida, but don’t let her roots fool you — she’s a U.P. girl. Hanna has exceptional knowledge of all things tea, from the numerous varieties and their health properties to the best cups and pots. Hanna acquired this expertise from her wonderful grandparents. Every evening, Hanna and her family would sit together and sip their delicious tea. They talked, laughed, and enjoyed one another’s company. Hanna says these memories are “ones she cherishes.” Those memories motivated the creation of Hanna’s Tea Times. “Everyone should have precious memories such as mine — I thought, why not create a shop that caters to those memories? Why not bring Tea Time to everyone?” said Hanna.

 In 2012, Hanna’s Tea Times set up shop on Iron Street in downtown Negaunee.  Hanna’s Tea Times offers a wide variety of loose-leaf teas, Harney & Sons tea sachets, Canadian specialty teas and much more.

Hanna also specializes in creating the perfect “Tea Party Ambiance” for those who wish to host a Tea Party! Hanna can bring the party to you. She offers tea party catering, tastings, and education presentations. These can take place at a clients’ home or business, or most recently, Midtown Bakery & Café. Hanna brings in everything to ensure you and your guests experience the ideal tea party. She also partners with Midtown Bakery and Cafe to do a pairing menu!

 On June 1, Hanna’s Tea Times will be moving to a new location. “I’m very excited to be taking up shop in the lower level of the Lowenstein building on Iron Street.”

Hanna will have more space for customers and parties. Look out for the grand opening this summer!

 Want to learn more about tea or host a party? Contact Hanna at 906-362-1426.  You can also visit her website at www.hannatea.com.

Editor’s note: Kelsey Niemisto is marketing and community events coordinatorof the Greater Ishpeming-Negaunee Area Chamber of Commerce.