Fliers for white supremacist group found on UM-Flint campus

FLINT, MI — Police at the University of Michigan-Flint are searching for a person of interest allegedly responsible for placing fliers around campus promoting what civil rights advocates call a hate group.

Fliers supporting the group Patriot Front came to light after Blair Davis, a resident advisor at UM-Flint, posted photos of the fliers Jan. 18 on Facebook that he’d noticed on the way to the William S. White building on campus.

“I suppose when I saw the fliers, I was shocked, then disappointed,” said Davis.

Posters included the phrases “Resurrection Through Insurrection,” “Not Stolen Conquered,” and “Welcome To Occupied America” while providing a link to the Patriot Front website and a statement labeled “The American Fascist Manifesto.”

The manifesto claims democracy has failed the country, calling for “a hard reset,” “a return to the traditions and values of our forefathers,” while noting “A nation within a nation is our goal.”

Some have questioned their speech, with the Anti-Defamation League calling Patriot Front a white supremacist group that has espoused antisemitism in fliers left at multiple college campuses in a dozen states, including Michigan.

The group’s Twitter page shares photos of people they call “activists” unfurling banners on overpasses and handing out fliers at events or placing them on the windshields of vehicles and message boards.

Sue Borrego, chancellor of the University of Michigan-Flint, issued a statement on the fliers, saying the posting of unauthorized material on campus property is not allowed and will be removed.

“Furthermore, content that promotes racism, hate, or violence profoundly contradicts what the University of Michigan-Flint stands for. Messages like these have no place in our community,” she said. “While we revere free speech and diversity of thought throughout our campus community, we reject the incitement of violence and any acts of intimidation toward individuals of any kind.”

Davis was glad to see Borrego responding to the incident.

“I do hope to see that the university combats racism and intimidation on all fronts,” he said.

Anyone with information about the incident has been asked to contact the University of Michigan-Flint Police Department at 810-762-3333 or email Detective Sgt. Jeff Fray at jefray@umflint.edu.