Lakeshore Skin Care & Lakeshore Fitness Land & Water Studio:

Recent expansion includes new rooms, services, products

Lakeshore Skin Care & Lakeshore Fitness Land & Water Studio opened its doors over six years ago and have been advancing professional skin care and fitness ever since. They feature the most current medical aesthetic procedures, product lines, and fitness classes in the Upper Peninsula. Lakeshore has had an exciting 2017 so far. They’ve expanded their office, adding new treatment rooms, services & professional grade products to their menu. With this expanded space comes talented additions to the Lakeshore team of professional Registered Nurses, Medical Estheticians and courteous office staff. The aesthetics field is always advancing, and so is Lakeshore.

One of the exciting additions you can take advantage of at Lakeshore Skin Care is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections. PRP is absolutely revolutionizing the medical approach of aesthetic injectables delivering autologous (your own) growth factors and stem cells that once delivered can smooth fine lines & wrinkles, acne scars, under eye softening, & hair restoration. Yes, hair restoration!

Plasma-Rich Protein can be delivered to treatment areas in men & women to help preserve the hair you have, recruit new hair growth, and stimulate stem cells surrounding the hair follicle to thicken the follicle reversing of miniaturization. “This is an exciting time to be aging,” says Lisa Kerrigan, R.N., Aesthetics Specialist.

The science and technologies of anti-aging medicine change rapidly. Staying current on the safest and most elite practices is a specialty at Lakeshore Skin Care. Their injection specialists have been invited to several highly renowned trainings all over the Midwest just this year alone. Injectables including: Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Kybella, are some of the most popular services at Lakeshore.

Invitational trainings allow staff to continue their education and bring the industry’s most advanced techniques to the Upper Peninsula. “We are so honored to be invited to trainings by physicians from around the world that have been using injectable products long before they hit the aesthetics market here,” says Therese Letts, R.N., Aesthetics Specialist.

Lakeshore Skin Care also promotes client education with several events held throughout the year. These are extremely valuable allowing for clients to make informed decisions about their skin care. Education advances Lakeshore Skin Care’s goal of client centered treatments and relationships.

Healing from the inside out. In partnership with jane iredale Cosmetics Lakeshore Skin Care is featuring skin care supplements targeted at promoting clearer, younger-looking skin by providing the necessary nutrients internally. Supplements can be paired with Lakeshore Skin Care’s professional skin care lines to help clients see faster and longer-lasting results. Professional skin care products that work by stimulating the clients own growth factors to improve texture of the skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and overall appearance of skin. “We carry the most advanced products that truly improve the texture and appearance of client’s skin by going deep into the skin to see results,” says Cindy Jackson, Medical Aesthetician.

Lakeshore Fitness Land & Water Studio has a little something for everyone. The small, intimate, nonjudgmental classes are taught in a boutique studio. A second unique feature of Lakeshore Fitness is that classes can also be taught outside during warmer months. “We knew we could offer something very special to our clients by taking them outdoors to enjoy the natural terrain of Marquette,” says Tina Reno, Lakeshore Fitness Managing Director. Paddle Boarding is growing in popularity & Lakeshore Fitness is able to help you experience the growing trend. “Whether you are an experienced paddler, or looking for a fun new experience Lakeshore Fitness can help. Our classes are small and free flowing, allowing instructors to get to know clients on a personal level,” says Reno.

Lakeshore Fitness is also expanding and searching for new, exciting, and relevant classes to offer clients. In the upcoming months instructors will be participating in a one of a kind course to become certified pre- & postnatal coaches. This course will allow instructors to learn foundational information for working with pregnant and postpartum women, “Being a part of Lakeshore Fitness allows instructors to engage with clients in new and meaningful ways, from class design, alternative settings and advancing certifications. Fitness is dynamic and our classes are designed to be flexible.” says Grace Petschauer, Lakeshore Fitness Assistant Managing Director.

Lakeshore Skin Care & Lakeshore Fitness’ biggest event of the year is their Annual Open House on Saturday, November 11th from 11 a.m.– 2 p.m. There will be live demonstrations, gift bags, raffle prizes, refreshments & food. Call with further questions 273.0512

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