UPAWS offers humane care

Jim Surrell, MD

I recently had the opportunity to again visit UPAWS – the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter. I must say that I remain very impressed with all the humane things they continue to do for animals in need. The humane treatment of animals is generally defined as treating them with tenderness, compassion, and sympathy, to eliminate any suffering or distress. Certainly, this humane treatment of animals is so very important.

We are truly blessed to have this great UPAWS organization based here in Marquette County. UPAWS is a non-profit organization run and staffed by local area volunteers. UPAWS makes humane decisions on caring for homeless and abused domestic animals, based on what is determined to be best for that animal. UPAWS is very dependent upon, and they truly appreciate financial support from tax-deductible donations.

UPAWS Mission – The mission of UPAWS is to improve the quality of life and welfare for domestic animals and to provide a safe haven while finding lifelong homes for the animals in their care.  They embrace the “No Kill” philosophy, seeking to end the euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals. Further, it is the vision of UPAWS to promote a community where there are no homeless, neglected or abused animals, and where everyone understands and provides the humane care that our pets deserve.

Here are some recent statistics that speak so very highly of how UPAWS serves Upper Peninsula animals in need. In 2016, UPAWS arranged for the adoption of approximately 1100 animals, to get them into a wonderful new pet loving environment. Of course, UPAWS cares not only for dogs and cats in need, but they also offer their very special loving care to rabbits, birds, chickens, and any other domesticated animals that need this great humane UPAWS care.

UPAWS depends on its volunteers to do the great humane work that they do for so many animals. UPAWS truly appreciates and greatly values all their volunteers. Clearly, they could not save as many animals as they do without the unselfish help of their volunteers. There are many gratifying volunteer opportunities available at UPAWS, and a volunteer can choose to offer to help in various areas at UPAWS. There is a volunteer orientation and training program for those who choose to volunteer their time and talents to work at the UPAWS shelter. If you wish to consider becoming a volunteer, please call them at (906) 475-6661.

The current UPAWS facility is located just west of Marquette on 84 Snowfield Road just north off of Highway US 41/M-28. UPAWS is in significant need of a new facility and this will allow them to continue to provide their absolutely wonderful humane care to so many animals in need of their truly remarkable care. The new location will be in Sands Township, on County Road 553, and they are, of course, in need of financial support to build their new much-needed UPAWS facility. This will allow them to continue their truly amazing humane care on behalf of so many cats, dogs, birds and others in need.

UPAWS continues to unselfishly provide the much needed humane treatment to those many animals in need of their care. If you are in a position to do so, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to UPAWS. Further, please also consider participating in their 12th Annual “Strut Your Mutt” 2017 Charity Walk. This event is a family friendly 1.5 mile walk to be held on Saturday, September 16, 2017, at the Mattson Lower Harbor Park, with registration at 9:00 AM and the walk starts at 10:00 AM, rain or shine. For more information, and to register for this great humane event, please call (906) 475-6661, or visit their excellent website at www.upaws.org.