906 Sports Bar and Grill: Winter golfing oasis

906 Sports Bar and Grill co-owner Kurt Ghiardi lines up a shot on one of two golf simulators at the business.

The weather is becoming frightful but golfers will find the 906 Sports Bar and Grill in Marquette delightful.

Because for the second winter in a row, the 906 will offer serious golfers a chance to keep the skills honed — and the not-so-serious golfers a chance to have fun playing. That’s because 906 has two fantastic golf simulators.

“People can call ahead to reserve a tee time,” said 906 co-owner Kurt Ghiardi. “And leagues are forming now. Call if you’re interested in joining.”

Last winter, there was a Wednesday night league.

“Everybody really enjoyed it and they are signing up again,” Ghiardi said. “If we get some more teams, we can have more nights of league play, maybe on Tuesdays or on Thursdays, if there is interest out there.”

Ghiardi and his brother and 906 co-owner Jason are excited about another winter of golfing fun ahead.

“You can call ahead for tee times which start at noon Sunday through Friday,” Kurt said. “We also book parties with the simulator. It’s a great time. You get to golf and have great food and beverage.”

Kurt added, “We tell golfers bring your balls and your clubs, that’s all you need. In a couple of hours you can play nine holes and you don’t have to look for lost balls. It’s quick and it’s a lot of fun.”

The simulator can be rented by the hour at a flat rate. It can be tailored to the golfer’s preference.

“With the simulator, you can control the weather, the pin placement, the firmness of the greens,” Jason said. “You can decide on penalties. Whatever you want.”

Kurt Ghiardi urges people to call for more information on the golf simulator.

“The simulator provides feedback about your golf swing, which can be used to make adjustments to better your swing. You can learn a lot from the simulator.”

For more information on the great new golf opportunities, call the 906 at 273-0706.

The 906 Sports Bar and Grill, of course, continues to offer outstanding food and delicious beverages.

Like the Wildcat of the Week, a stuffed burger that changes from week to week. And the house soup, which is stuffed green pepper, plus a weekly soup special.

Friday Night Fish Fry is another 906 specialty, with cod, walleye and whitefish on the menu.

“The whitefish is only until it’s gone, so come early,” Kurt said with a smile.

906 has 10 beers on tap for brew connoisseurs to choose from as well as a wide variety of cocktails.

HD televisions are stationed throughout the bar, with all the major sports leagues’ games available for viewing.

The kitchen opens at 11 a.m. every day and stays in operation until 9 p.m. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and until 10 p.m. the rest of the week. The bar is open until 2 a.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Closing time is determined by business other days of the week.

“We offer free food delivery in the city of Marquette from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday,” Jason said.

The 906 Sports Bar and Grill is located at 145 W. Washington St. in downtown Marquette, next to the old Delft Theater. Look for the red awning and signs.

For more information, visit the 906’s website at 906barandgrill.com.

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